The guitar player everyone loves to hate

For this week’s guitar solo transcription we are looking at possibly the most controversial name in the guitar world, Mr John Mayer! If you haven’t heard about the PRS Silver Sky, what rock have you been living under?! Whatever you think of the guitar, there’s no denying that John is an epic player who has influenced thousands of guitarists. The song I wanted to learn is Vultures, from the Continuum album. It’s a masterclass in mixing major and minor over a bluesy dominant chord. There’s not too much to this solo in terms of note density, but getting the right feel can be tough. You will need to really listen to John’s phrasing to try and replicate it as best you can. My favourite part comes straight at you in the first two notes of bar 1. It’s just so tasty! Anyway, on to the solo!

John Mayer, Vultures guitar solo tab

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