Massively effected

Today’s Transcription comes from the legendary Matt Bellamy of Muse. The inspiration for doing this one came from the fact that I got a Boss MD-500 modulation pedal this week. I just wanted to try and make all the silly noises!

It’s pretty simple, but it sounds awesome with loads of distortion, reverb and a bit of ring modulator to make it sound like a distorted theremin! Try to keep your whammy bar technique nice and even, and remember to keep your picking hand relaxed when you’re tremolo picking. If you tense up, you might end up doing yourself some damage!

Thanks for coming!

I really hope that this transcription has helped you! Do check back on 27th May to see my next post! Can’t wait? Why not check out last week’s post!

Do you have any suggestions of guitar solos I should transcribe? Or would you like to book a lesson to learn how to play your favourite shredder’s guitar licks? Get in touch with me using the contact page and I’ll do my best to help wherever I can.

Big love, and awesome licks.


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