Lords of the odd time signature!

This week’s guitar solo transcription comes from the Canadian legend Alex Lifeson from the band Rush. Red Barchetta is one of my favourite songs on Moving Pictures! It is a brilliant example of using odd time signatures to serve the song.

When most of us try to write a piece of music using odd time signatures, we will either stick to one or use a whole bunch just to show off that we can. Rush are masters of using time signature changes to enhance their riffs and melodies in a very musical way.

If you want to see why I am doing this transcription, check out this post!

What to watch out for

There are a couple of points in this solo (bars 3 and 4) that were tough to notate, because they kind of sway in and out of time a little. It would be best to play along with the track and try to imitate it as best you can. Maybe use a program like Transcribe! to slow the piece down while you nail it?

Enough talking, on to the transcription!

Rush - Red Barchetta guitar solo tab

Thanks for coming!

I really hope that this transcription has helped you! Do check back on 10th June to see my next post! Can’t wait? Why not check out last week’s post!

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Big love, and awesome licks.


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