Parental Advisory

Today’s transcription is from a band that could never be considered PG. Comedy rock band Steel Panther combine expert musicianship, lycra, and overtly 80’s styling to create something truly magical, but definitely not suitable for children.

If you’re into blue humour, and wanna learn an awesome solo, check this out! If you’re wondering why I am doing this transcription, click here!

What to watch out for

Most of this solo can be easily nailed by an intermediate level player, except for bar 5. This little flurry of two handed tapping is tough for even the most advanced player! Satchel’s playing kind of floats across the bar, which explains the odd note groupings. My advice would be to slow it right down, and make sure you nail it one beat at a time before stringing the whole thing together.

Steel Panther - Community Property Guitar Solo Tab

Thanks for coming!

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Big love, and awesome licks.


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